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CWC to engage with other departments to probe unusual change in Siang river's colour

GUWAHATI: The Centre is carefully tracking the unusual change of colour of Siang river in Arunachal Pradesh from crystal colour to black with slag content material, which has now unfold downstream into Brahmaputra river in Assam.

The Siang river flows from southern Tibet in China as Yarlung Tsangpo and as Brahmaputra in Assam. The Centre is but to verify the purpose.

An reliable supply mentioned that the Central Water Commission, which is answerable for tracking water ranges and high quality of all of the rivers in the rustic, would quickly engage other departments, together with ISRO, to find the solution to the black water.

“As of now we cannot come to any conclusion on cause for this unusual change. We don’t know what the situation of the river is across the border (China) as we have no jurisdiction to monitor the river and its quality there. If necessary, India would have to take the help of the Chinese government,” the supply mentioned.

“We are observing the black colour of Siang river right from its entry point in India at Geling in Upper Siang district on the international border,” he added.

He mentioned, “The change of colour has now been observed in the Brahmaputra river as well in the downstream reaches.” The Siang, after becoming a member of Lohit, additionally from China, turns into the Brahmaputra in Assam.

In Dibrugarh the town, the water of Brahmaputra has grow to be darkish. Dibrugarh is at a instantly line distance of 77 km from Pasighat in East Siang district the place the Siang’s water is darkest. The CWC has additionally seen the change of colour so far as Tezpur and Guwahati at the downstream spaces.

The supply mentioned that the CWC began tracking the blackened Siang from November 18. “There was an earthquake in eastern Arunachal Pradesh on November 17 and initially we thought that there must have been landslides which might have blocked the Siang river. But the dark colour has remained the same and is still continuing. We can’t conclusively say anything now,” the supply mentioned.

The main points of the information of the water high quality of Siang is assessed as it’s a global river. “The government of India’s next step will be based on the results of the tests of the water sample collected from various locations,” the supply mentioned.

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