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When Shah Rukh Khan was heckled by Maharashta MLC on his birthday – watch shocking video

Shah Rukh Khan took all his BFFs on a mini holiday to his vacation house in Alibaug on the eve of his birthday. And the images that made their approach to social media proved it was reasonably a a laugh stuffed day. But then it’s Shah Rukh Khan, we’re speaking about. Things by no means actually pass easy for him. So as SRK was on his as far back as Mumbai from Alibaug, Jayant Patil, the Maharashtra MLC (Member of Legislative Council) from Alibaug additionally reached the quay round the similar time. Patil needed to board his yacht to achieve his house in Raigad.

But then SRK’s legion of fanatics amassed on the seaside to get a glimpse of the famous person. And since there have been a LOT of other people in the market, the Minister was discovering it very tough to achieve his yacht. According to a couple experiences, Patil additional were given indignant when a few of SRK’s fanatics didn’t give him the best way to achieve his yacht. ALSO READ: Shah Rukh Khan had a blast in Ahmedabad and we’ve got footage to end up that!

Patil come what may controlled to achieve the shore and learnt that it was because of Shah Rukh that his yacht may just no longer come to the shore. This is when he yelled on the actor for no longer popping out of his yacht and delaying his agenda. All of this has been captured on a video this is doing the rounds on social media. Check it out proper right here:


“You may be a superstar, but you don’t own Alibaug,” Patil may also be heard telling SRK, who in any case comes out from the quay to loud cheers from the fanatics.

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