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With one sarcastic tweet, Owaisi nails BJP, Congress on their 'hypocrisy'

NEW DELHI: With one sarcastic tweet, MIM leader and all-round gadfly Asaduddin Owaisi nailed the BJP and the Congress for what he believes is their hypocrisy in branding him “communal” whilst they try to indulge in their “nationalist” and “secular” halos, respectively.

After an argument arose the day before today on whether or not Congress vp considers himself Hindu, his birthday celebration was once at pains to shout from the rooftops that he’s certainly of the religion, even because the BJP wasted no time in pronouncing he was once “fooling people” by way of “pretending” to be Hindu.

Here’s what Owaisi needed to say about that:

Owaisi’s tweet got here on a night when it was once alleged that Rahul Gandhi’s title was once entered in a sign up for “non-Hindus” all over a discuss with to
temple the day before today. The Congress stated there was once no such access and if there have been, it was once the BJP’s doing.

The BJP jumped up and down gleefully claiming they might been pronouncing all alongside Rahul was once “Christian”, as BJP MP Subramanian Swamy alleged. They stated he should not be visiting temples and fooling other people, as BJP IT mobile leader Amit Malviya tweeted.

Then, in injury keep watch over mode, Congress spokesman RS Surjewala referred to as a press convention to persuade everybody that Rahul wasn’t only a Hindu, he was once card-carrying – or sacred thread-wearing – Hindu, this is, a top caste (Brahmin) Hindu.

While all this drama was once enjoying out, Owaisi could not however lend a hand take into account the days the BJP and the Congress referred to as him communal for speaking about Muslim pursuits.

Why, simply in July, the BJP stated Owaisi represents a “perverted, mean and communal mindset” in Indian politics, as a result of he had stated that “Parliament and Assemblies pass laws against Muslims”.

For pronouncing that, the BJP additionally sought after the Election Commission to step in and take motion towards Owaisi.

“They have been in competition with pseudo-secular parties like the Congress and many others of the same ilk. All of them have been competing with each other to appease the Muslim vote bank for the sake of their politics,” stated BJP chief GVL Narsimha Rao.

Then there may be the Congress, which has previously referred to as Owaisi “anti-national” and comparable to the BJP, in that they each play communal politics.

“What Owaisi can do for BJP, no one can as they are both flip sides of the coin,” stated a senior Congress chief some years in the past, after Owaisi’s MIM made an important dent within the Congress’s seat tally within the Maharashtra Assembly elections.

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